The League has not yet specified how the pursuit of injuries will work. For recognized American players, the player they replace cannot resume the game. Similar penalties for replacing domestic players would be unaffordably expensive in the game of intentionally playing short players just to replace a domestic starter with a nationalized American. I would also suspect that the application of this rule is monitored by the League and that teams that exploit it consistently should expect a sanction. The sources added that the two sides continue to discuss the logistics of U.S. players coming to Canada who will be tested before they arrive here. The basic minimum money was $54,000 in 2018. Thus, in 2019, the basic salaries of the players remained the same. This year, however, base money will increase by $11,000 to $65,000, meaning players will make up 120 percent of the previous base. Global Player, however, remains on the previous base salary of 54,000 $US. According to a league source, CFL players with security concerns could choose not to play in 2020 without penalty. The League and the CFL Players` Association continue to discuss changes to the current collective agreement, which could contribute to a shortened season.

I think there have been cases where players have technically qualified as post-first, but had no more than a few CFL experience matches. The team probably wanted to have the option to present more than one or more annual contracts and wanted to retain the option to present one more option year. The general public cannot have special CFL or IG Field hotels. The Manitoba government says the violations “will result in severe penalties that could involve players being sent home for the rest of the season.” For historical purposes, a summary of the 2010 agreement and the new drug testing policy is available. The problem is that any state aid will likely come after the CFL and CFLPA have reached their agreement. This is because the modification of the cost-benefit aid would be a prerequisite for cost security. The cap increases by $50,000 from the previous year, as in the previous agreement, but there are two ways to increase the cap on these numbers. CFL teams followed past practices and continued to release free agent players for 2020 and allowed them to train. The CFL, however, has told teams that players in the option year are not allowed to train in the NFL. This forced the Bombers to release defensive lineman Jonathan Kongbo, who had agreed to sign solely due to the availability of the option year, and the Stampeders to release defensive Back Trer Roberson, who had a similar understanding when he signed with the team. “We expect a decision from the federal government early next week, if we can work to finalize the security of compensation for players who have committed to play in the 2020 season,” the union wrote. CFL players – Americans and Canadians – certainly have a lot to consider when there`s a shortened season….