Communicating systems work at the same time. An important aspect of simultaneous programming is the synchronization of software for receiving and transmitting communication messages in due form. Concurrent programming is traditionally a theme in the texts of operating system theory. [37] Formal verification seems essential, as simultaneous programs are notorious for the hidden and sophisticated errors they contain. [38] A mathematical approach to the study of parallelism and communication is called communicating sequential processes (CSPs). [39] Parallelism can also be modeled with finished state machines such as mealy and Moore machines. Mealy and Moore machines are used as design tools in digital electronic systems in the form of hardware used in telecommunications or in electronic devices in general. The average broadband at home is between 3 Mbit/s and 30 Mbps. At 10 Mbps, it would take less than a second to download a typical 3.5 MB song. For companies that need more bandwidth and reliability, telecom companies can offer other options, such as T1 and T3 lines. The standardization process begins with the appointment of a working group of a subcommittee by ISO.

The Working Group shall submit draft work and discussion papers to interested parties (including other standards bodies) in order to generate discussion and comment. This will create a lot of questions, a lot of discussion and usually some disagreements about what the standard should offer and whether it can meet all needs (normally not). All conflicting views should be taken into account, often as a compromise, in order to arrive at a draft proposal by the Working Group. While Bluetooth is not usually used to connect a device to the Internet, it is an important wireless technology that has enabled many features that are used on a daily basis. When it was developed by Ericsson in 1994, it was to replace wired connections between devices. Today, this is the standard method to connect nearby devices wirelessly. Bluetooth has a range of about 300 feet and consumes very little electricity, making it a great choice for a variety of purposes….