7.2 (1) Upon receipt of an amendment agreement from the Minister pursuant to Section 7.1, the Land Registry Registry Officer must register it as an amendment to the registration fee created in Section 7. If your deferral application is approved, we will pay your property taxes on your behalf and place a restrictive wagering fee on your property. This means that you are limited in the types of changes you can make to your property while you are in the tax deferral program. Among the situations in which you should repay your deferred loan, note that if there is an option to purchase the real estate security, the property cannot be deferred. Contact us for more information before applying. 3. In the event of a conflict or disagreement between a law, regulation or municipal provision and the agreement, the agreement and the law are in place, the regulation or regulation is suspended and ineffective to the extent of conflict or inconsistency. 2.1 The Minister cannot enter into an agreement with an eligible property owner on the tax payable for 2012 or a subsequent tax year if the owner owns or occupies the land in Part 228 [tax on other crowns used] or 229 [taxation of municipal land used by others] of the Community Charter. Start by paying your property taxes for the current year, but leave your deferral account open with the province to delay repayment and keep your deferred balance.

Tax deferral is a low-interest credit program that helps homeowners. C to pay their annual property taxes on their main residence. It is important that, while the security tax, resealing or refinancing of the property (where a new registration is mandatory) cannot occur with a tax-deferred (since the government does not give priority to the bank mortgage). Landowners are well advised to refinance prior to the conclusion of a property tax de-up contract. If you are refinancing after a property tax is introduced, make sure you have sufficient revenue to pay all latent property taxes, interest, application fees and annual fees. The Minister can only approve the application and conclude the deferral agreement if: (a) the Minister is satisfied that the person is or will be registered in an educational institution at any time of the calendar year in which an application for an agreement is made pursuant to Section 2; An owner`s interest in a deferral agreement is not refundable. Any alleged assignment is cancelled. (b) any other law, regulation or regulation relating to the taxation of property covered by the agreement. Before you apply for or renew your deferral application online, make sure your property tax account is up to date by completing: Municipalities no longer accept deferral or renewal requests. The new online application procedure for the deferral of property taxes makes it easier to defer your taxes and reduces the time it takes to review and authorize applications. 17 (1) When a person completes an application for an agreement under this Act, containing information that the person knows, completes and has submitted or forwarded to the Minister a request for an agreement to delay his or her tax, that person commits an offence.

a Section 2 agreement between the Minister and eligible property owners or owners, which provides for a stay of payment of all or part of the property tax.