A maintenance contract may provide services and facilities that, directly or indirectly, are used for subdivision. It ensures that: Our tax schedule outlined shingles, development, condo and additional fees. Service contract fees must be paid when a new development requires more maintenance capacity than is currently planned for this site. This could include widening existing roads, expanding water and wastewater treatment facilities, and building new parks and recreation facilities. Intensification is a kind of infill development that includes the construction of new buildings or additions of existing buildings on maintained land within the existing boundaries of a city. The new levy covers part of the investment infrastructure projects needed to support growth. This is a fact sheet describing when an interest in a maintenance agreement should be registered. If you want to develop or improve a package and it doesn`t agree with the zoning, you can request a change to the. The most common amendment relates to changes to the name of land use or changes to zonarification. This is an example of a service contract for road construction. As of October 1, 2019, an intensification tax will be levied for development in established areas of the city to cover some of the investment infrastructure projects needed to promote growth. Read this typical maintenance agreement for road construction before preparing your own agreement.

The City of Regina is currently using development fees (called “Service Agreement Fees” or SAFs) to fund infrastructure investments that are needed or triggered for further growth. These include roads, water, sewers, rain drainage, parks, roads and recreational facilities. Currently, residential, commercial and industrial developers pay these development fees when building new areas around the city. In some cases, when new infrastructure is under construction, which benefits both new and existing residents (for example. B a dog park), development fees and property taxes can spread the costs. A service contract is a legal contract that a local council can require with a sub-district candidate.