In general, international cooperation agreements should not contain logos or trademarks. If an exception is to be made, global programs are responsible for coordinating with the State Department of the University of Penn Publications to ensure compliance with the university`s visual and graphic identity standards. If you submit a contract for approval, the application contains a list of errors and warnings. This is called validation of the terms of the contract. If correcting alerts is optional, you should correct errors reported after checking the contract. To display errors or warnings in the contract, you don`t need to wait until it`s ready to be approved. You can use the action to validate the terms of the contract to check for errors before the hand. The proposed international agreement will contain details on the proposed cooperation, such as the scale of the activities envisaged, the strategic importance and the expected results. As part of the proposal, the support of the relevant deans will be required. The global programmes will advise and review the proposed institution of international cooperation. Global Programs will work with risk management, general advice, export control, the appropriate dean/chancellor and all other relevant boards throughout the design, negotiation and approval process. Global Programs sends the final version of the draft risk management contract for approval. Adds authorization rules for the additional approval routine The signature process is coordinated by global programs.

Global Programs will generally print the agreed number of agreements on parchment paper and send them to the relevant signatories at Penn State and the institution abroad. The Penn State signature collection can last several weeks, depending on the signatory`s availability. Authorized or authorized groups are automatically added to the authorization hierarchy to approve certain clauses or deviations from the contract if your contract administrator has configured these authorization rules based on waivers for the “Human Contract Authorization” task. Therefore, the appropriate authorization rule is redirected based on the deviation on the deviation from the contract check the authorization. A workflow for contractual authorizations is an automated process that governs tasks related to transmission, verification, cooperation and, ultimately, approval of contracts in a very predictable manner, in order to ensure compliance with the rules. If you are more authorized by the contract and have received an authorization notification, you can use the notification link to access the contract authorization page. On this page, you can view contract details, appendices and comments, and the hierarchy of permissions. You can use the Add Device icon to add new storytellers and viewers to a storage location specified in the hierarchy.