with the notice, a copy of all the information/material on which Proposition 5 is based. The e-mail referred to a letter of intent dated September 1, 1995. Although CENTRE AIT defended its conduct in this case on the grounds that the purpose of the amendment to this procedure was covered by an agreement, on 1 September 1995, the agreement was not invoked by the VA Center during that proceeding, nor was it subject to investigation or explained. Instead, VA Center relied only on section 20 of the parties` current authorization to base its defence that it was not required to conclude because the purpose of the amendment was within the contract of the parties. AFGE proposed the language of Article 44, paragraph 1, paragraph (c), above, of mid-term negotiations to specifically address the doctrine “covered by” the Authority`s directive, which limited negotiations and the ability of the local party to address a subject already addressed in the existing collective agreement. (3) Gage led the debate for the union on the issue. Ibidun Roberts: Yes, we are negotiating to come back, we do not think that the expulsion of the union by the VA was legal. Even under the executive, it was not legal. The executive itself therefore says not to provide free or enhanced space for unions if it is not generally available to non-federal organizations, and here at the VA, that is the case. VA allows non-federal organizations to use free space.

We have several examples of them in our rebuttal, such as the organization of the go nurses and the direction of the VA, they all got free space. So there would have been no change in our space, even under executive orders. And we really felt the consequences if we are removed from the institutions, the workers do not have access to the union. And now, during the pandemic, it`s even worse, employees have been looking for unions to find their rights, how they can file complaints with OSHA, to find out what`s free for them, because we just passed laws, like FFCRA, that employees didn`t know what they were doing, and the union wasn`t there to talk to them. Then the VA became even more extreme than the executive and prevented the union from using even VA emails.