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Our Classes

Our classes are grouped by age and/or skill level: Kinder Kix (ages 4-5), Child (ages 6-9), Junior (ages 10-14), and Adult (ages 15 and up). Our Open classes are for all ages. Our Team classes are by invitation only.

Kinder Kix (ages 4-5)

This is the entry level for kids at Taekwondo. Age requirements are from 4-5 (some 3 yr olds will be accepted depending on the orientation class).  The focus of this class is to introduce the basic Taekwondo techniques in an organized classroom structure, with emphasis on self-confidence through positive encouragement, goal orientation and discipline.

Child (ages 6-9)

This age group is divided into three levels: Beginners (White, Orange, and Yellow belts), Intermediate (Green stripe, Green belt, and Blue Stripe), and Advanced (Blue belt, Red stripe, Red belt, Black stripe, and Black belt).

Junior (ages 10-14)

Adult (ages 15-up)

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is a class offered to all possible new students to see if they like the program without committing to a membership. This class also gives parents a first look into the program in order to get an idea of what we cover. The class is offered every Saturday at 9:30am and it is FREE.

Intro to Sparring

Sparring in the program is strictly optional. At the yellow belt level, all students have an option to see if they want to try the sport aspect of Taekwondo. This class focuses on the basics of sparring methodology. This is an entry level class into TeamNTA.